Two New Anthologies of Short Stories by Turkish Women

December 2012, TimeOut Istanbul

REVIEW: Istanbul in Women’s Short Stories, edited by Hande Öğüt, and Europe in Women’s Short Stories from Turkey, edited by Gültekin Emre

womens-anthologiesFemale authors have risen to prominence – indeed, preeminence – in several literary genres: young adult literature, romance, mystery, memoir… In most countries, however, they’ve mainly established themselves through novels. Compared to the abundance of male writers known for their short stories, few female authors are famous for their literary prowess in the format.

Two recently published English-language short story anthologies aim to showcase Turkey’s contributions to that under-appreciated genre: the female author’s short story. Together, the anthologies boast 50 stories from Turkish writers, well known and obscure, traditional and avant-garde, bringing together long-renowned names with more recent arrivals on Turkey’s literary scene.

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